Cancer is a scary thing.  Stats show that more than one out of every three women and two out of every
three men will be diagnosed with cancer in this lifetime...and it’s only going to get worse.



As a physician with many years of training in radiation oncology and psycho-oncology, I wholeheartedly endorse Jeanette and her professional expertise with coaching cancer patients. Until now, I could not find the type of comprehensive care and ... Read more…
Sara Jenkins, M.D. Radiation-Oncology New York, New York

Cancer Prevention
Education and Support

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Prevention of Cancer is our surest way to a cure. There are 8 indicators for the plausibility of cancer in one’s lifetime.  As soon as 3 or more are present in your life for any prolonged period of time, cancer has an opportunity to root. Men and women over 21 years of age with a genetic pre-determination (family history) to cancer are welcomed into this program.  You will want to learn the prevalent contributors to this, your most likely inherent disease to come.

Transform your family’s genetics for generations to come!

So how do you PREVENT cancer? Prevention requires listening to your body; its symptoms and imbalances – then acting to reverse the root causes. Easy? You bet…comparative to the “big” C.

We will begin with the following evidentiary tools; your health history, your latest blood work, an analytic questionnaire of your 8 major health markers, an in-depth symptom analysis for nutritional excesses or deficiencies in each of your body’s systems and organs.   Once we have these measures in hand, a simple but skilled, dependable and safe nutritional and lifestyle plan is developed specific to your needs, giving you the protection, defense and resistance to any inherited or lifestyle disease during your lifetime, And, when you clean up your life, you help to clean up everyone you cook and care for. Transform your family’s genetics for generations to come!

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Post Recovery
Education and Support

Be the confident, productive, healthy and beautiful person you want to be.

Often even more daunting than the disease itself is returning back to life after treatment. The fear of a recurrence because you don’t know what caused your first cancer, can be paralyzing to you. As your coach, Jeanette will become your pillar of support and strength, helping you to adapt to a modified nutrition and lifestyle approach to discourage your cancer from coming back.

Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle
and eager to learn & live again through joy.

Your 6 month supervised program involves a completely personalized nutrition curriculum with a refreshing lifestyle and purpose. You will learn how to make the necessary adjustments to your home and work environment, how to de-stress and relax, deep breathe, feel empowered and positive that you are doing exactly what you need to in order to avoid a recurrence of your cancer. You will have full access to Jeanette on a 24/7 basis for all of your questions, fears or concerns surrounding this ‘new normal’ you are now experiencing.





Cancer Recovery Education
and Support for Women

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Women diagnosed with cancer (any one of Breast, Ovarian, Cervical, Endometrial, Uterine, Pancreatic, Lung, Lymphoma, Leukemia, Colon, Skin or Brain Cancer) will be encouraged by Jeanette’s tools of support, inspiration, nutrition, medical and lifestyle options.  She provides clients with the critical information necessary in order to make informed decisions for both personal and medical responsibility.  Natural or holistic recovery tools and the latest in scientifically supported cancer successes are now available to you. Some that your physician may not yet even know about.   It happens much more often than you think!

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A fine-tuned balance in your biological terrain will be your ultimate ticket for the best success with conventional treatments and for encouraging the elimination of cancer.  Jeanette will provide you with the background knowledge of the critical importance of this and more that a solid journey and recovery plan requires.

It’s time to let go of disease.  Begin living again…
motivation and inspiration is key.

Jeanette is available to work with your primary doctor and medical team. You are encouraged to share all learned nutritional and medical options with your oncologist.  For the best opportunity of a full recovery, you need to address every facet of your life, your body and your mind.  Then, you need to learn your medical options!  Let’s do this together!

Here are some of the benefits of working with a cancer coach professional like Jeanette…

  • Learn the likely cause(s) of your particular cancer - in your body…then begin to eliminate them – one by one.
  • What nutritional and lifestyle influences will encourage a safe and early recovery
  • How to safely detox during cancer
  • How to cope emotionally and support the psychology of your cancer recovery
  • The Critical Factors of Surgery, Chemo and Radiation – how to benefit best by one or more of these
  • The Most Complete Cancer Protocol available for your cancer – in this world. Learn what you need to know.
  • and SO much more…

Cancer Recovery Education
and Support for Men

cancer support for men

You may not want to believe that your life needs rescuing, as most men don’t think in these terms… but the truth is - it does.  Most cancers are of an environmental origin – which will mean that a recovery is very much within your control when you implement immediate and effective change in a daily routine.  Nutritional status, physical activity, stress, worry, low energy patterns, emotions, psycho/social behaviours, relationships, are all influenced by a static environment. These things affect your cells in such a way as to increase toxicity, disconnect energy, weaken mood – and in some, cause cancer.  When fine-tuned, healthy behaviours, practices and expectations will reverse and the inherent wellness of the body will return. You will again, be in balance and harmony, providing stability for healing.

Within record time, your resolve combined with Jeanette’s expertise, will encourage a higher quality of life that will be a deterrent to cancer initiation, development and progression.  

 The difference between the impossible and the possible lies within a person’s determination.not changing is fatal

Men diagnosed with cancer (Prostate, Testicular, Colon, Pancreatic, Lung, Lymphoma, Leukemia, Melanoma or Brain Cancer) will be encouraged by Jeanette’s tools of support, inspiration, nutrition, medical and lifestyle options.  Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are simply, not enough.  Medical treatment is but one aspect of intervention. Your professional cancer coach is an integrative cancer specialist trained to educate

Full supervision, globally by phone counsel or home visits, will be impeccably managed for you.  Enjoy 6 weeks of intensive sessions, daily if necessary and a full year of unconditional access to your coach 24/7.
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Infinitely Better Together…Jeanette Marshall BASc RNCP CPCC


Jeanette has been a revered member of the International Association of Professional Cancer Coaches (IAPCC) since its inception (©2004.The Certified Professional Cancer Coach program at ( has become globally recognized by doctors, oncologists, medical and nursing schools, cancer hospitals and foundations.

As the program’s Founder, Developer and Director, Jeanette continues to maintain a small professional practice for patients who want the kind of personal and intensive support that doctors cannot provide. She is an avid Patient Educator and Registered Nutritionist (©1989) She will work with you and your medical team to ensure that you are well cared for in every possible aspect, step and stage of your journey.  Your very own  customized nutritional, lifestyle and integrative treatment protocols are based upon your pathology and your whole mind/body being. Read how the role of wholism (the theory on the importance of taking all of somebody’s physical, mental and social conditions into account in the treatment of illness) played in her husband’s extraordinary survival story.

It’s never too late to have hope; and it’s never too late to improve upon your quality of life.
Jeanette’s services are covered under many extended health insurance  plans.

About the IAPCC 6-Step Cancer Coaching Program

Cancer coaches offer the best incorporation of cancer treatment options based on the theory and importance of taking all of your physiological, psycho-social and spiritual health into account in the treatment of disease. It is for patients who wish to experience a higher quality of life that will encourage a healthy recovery, as well as a way to discourage secondary cancers, recurring cancers and the possible lethal side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

IAPCC Cancer Coaches provide expert resources for the preventative and treatment options that are available to you ...even some that your oncologist may not yet know about. We aid the patient in understanding and piloting the cancer journey without fear or abandonment. Patients learn how to add evidence based integrative solutions to encourage their own healing process. The end result is an empowered patient who is able to work with his/her physician and to make intelligent, appropriate and confident treatment decisions.

 Contact Jeanette

If you would like to work with Jeanette to improve your cancer journey, please order a 45 minute consultation here . Write your questions down – this time is reserved for you – and you will have Jeanette’s undivided attention.  When you register for a cancer coach,  Jeanette will tailor a cutting edge nutrition, activity and integrative medical program specific to your diagnosis and your needs – and your consultation fee will be refunded.

Our coaching program options are varied.  The most popular global program we offer is the 6-Week Intensive (Daily Access to your Coach) followed by one full year of unconditional support from your coach.  We also offer 2 to 5 day private in home coaching for individuals who seek hands-on intensive support – good for stage 4 patients.  We hope to offer small group (cancer) coaching to patients from all across North America in the near future at a significantly lower cost where affordability of private coaching may be an issue.  We do not want anyone to have to go without this amazing resource (cancer coach support and journey knowledge) because of cost.  If this appeals to you, please drop Jeanette an email and she will answer any of your questions. If you then wish to move forward, Jeanette can put you on the reservation list.